Bolgheri is a way of being, an expression of the soul; a suspended dimension in which places, sounds, fragrances, materials and colours are interwoven in a poignant composition. The dark blue of the sea dazzles you, the light blue of the sky caresses you, while the green of the vineyard embraces you.

“It was love at first sight. This is a land that inspires strong emotions, a place of rebirth. At the beginning of 2000, my mother Carla, travelling with my father through the Tuscan hills, was amazed by this place, attracted by its curious way of being a world of its own, where emotions and unique memories can be experienced” – Nadia Zenato.

So it was that, in 2003, Carla Prospero bought Bolgheri, a smallholding of 3.8 hectares under Cabernet and Merlot vine and olive cultivation, located along the Via Bolgherese (the heart of the designated geographical area of origin), and decided to invest in international vines in the search for personal, authentic wines that are the most original expression of the land, the people and the vines from which they are produced.


Bolgheri DOC 2013

Bolgheri DOC 2013 Podere Prospero is an elegant, pleasurable, balanced and extremely drinkable wine. The natural environment, the painstaking work on the vine and the choice of traditional methods in order to respect the product to the utmost ensure that the grapes are healthy when they reach the cellar. Vinification is painstaking and conducted with respect for the natural characteristics of the grape.

An intense ruby red colour, on the nose the wine’s aromas range from fruity notes of cherry and plum and spicy hints of almond shells, black pepper and nutmeg. Balsamic sensations, such as mint and eucalyptus, can be detected that recall Mediterranean shrub, ending with pleasurable hints of cocoa and tobacco. Enveloping in the mouth, almost velvety, a very pleasing taste of fresh fruit and berries is noted, wrapped in aromatic herbs, which make it flavoursome and persistent.


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
“Pretto dei Pagi”

In the charming Bolgheri lands, with its exceptional views
of its olive groves, a project has taken root to promote our
small Tuscan farm: the longstanding tradition cultivating
Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo olives brings to your table the “Pretto dei Pagi” Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

This is tasteful oil, slightly fruity with an herbaceous aftertaste and an intense, persistent perfume of tart fruit, with aromatic fragrance.


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